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March 2011






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28 pieces 30x40 cm each Sponge and blooming tea

I have long worked with sponge I've knifed it, soaked it, thrown it to the cats so that they can scratch it,and have been always intrigued by this sense of connection as much as the reaction I get from it.

Sponge is a material I have always associated with intimacy, as well as the only substance I take into consideration when contemplating the thrill of assault. It seems to provide for your comfort as well as being a witness to your privacy and that's irritating! It holds forever bodies and bums and shows no visible creases or tiresome marks. Like a good, discreet, dedicated servant -, so composed that you never hear a sound or see damage on that unchangeable pale surface. Only when it's provoked or unjustly harassed to test loyalty, might you get some satisfaction and finally see a breaking line, wrinkle or tear.
If I have to name it as a character would be Jane Eyre.