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March 2011






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56x40 cm
acrylic on canvas

My work has always been based on colour and the recognition of its transcendental power to communicate, interact and establish a personal relation with physical spaces and their inhabitants.

Throughout my search and my ever - nourished craving to voice the subtleness of complexity, I've come to understand that painting is the medium which allows me to attempt to elaborate upon this theme as well as create a background where to immerse personal interpretations. My work is about resisting definitions of forms or meanings, as I perceive everything and everyone not as one simply named thing or the other, but as multifold .I'm interested in getting between the folds! - the many understated layers of thoughts, senses, visions and the actual practice of representation of the unsaid and undone. Simultaneously I'm fascinated by verbal clarity and eloquence, by poetic language, the resonance of a sentence, the sound and shape of a single letter, the texture that a word might have, and the nuance of its effects. My work represents this sense of being caught in between the logical rejection of form, and being irrationally intrigued with forming a language on my own terms. Through colour and texture I seem to voice the muted conflict.

I start the painting process with blackening the white canvases. A white canvas brings to mind the taste of infancy and a sense of the formality of a beginning. I believe that starting afresh comes after some history. Layers upon layers of dark hues over the surface set the grounds for that history to enlighten itself in an abstract shape.